Elevation Burger: Restaurant Review

Last night, after my husband got home from work, we went through the typical, “What are we going to eat for dinner?” mode.  We decided to hit the gym and then just grab a bite out somewhere.  I instantly thought of Elevation Burger in Germantown, MD.  One of our friends had told us it was really a good burger “that tasted lighter” than your typical burger joint.  So, I logged on to their website and was intrigued.  Their motto: “ingredients matter” is based on the fact that they use “100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass fed, 100% free range, 100% ground on premises beef”. Well, with all the recent hype about pink-slime, I am more than happy to know that the beef I’m eating is not filled with crap.  So, that’s where we went.

When you walk in to the restaurant, you’ll see the burger assembly line. There were two people in front of us, giving us just enough time to figure out what we wanted. It also gave us just enough time to notice how SLOWLY the guy  building the burgers was moving…it was like he was on downers…it. was. so. slow.  Elevation Burger is reminiscent of Five Guys in the fact that a normal burger has two patties, a children’s size only has one patty.  I did note they had vegan options, but I was there to try this special, light burger.

So, we each ordered our burgers, mine was just over $6 because I had cheese, and his just under. We were given a punch card with 4 punches (for our four patties), once you reach 7, you get a free patty. We ordered at 8:25pm and waited.

And, we waited. I wasn’t thinking that my blog would be such a critical review, but, because I knew I’d be writing my 1st review, I couldn’t help but notice that we’d been waiting over 20 minutes before our food was ready.  The longer we waited the more we noticed how poorly run the place seemed, no one had any sense of urgency, the place seemed dirty, and our anticipation that “this better be worth the wait” grew. We watched him finally begin to build what we knew had to be our burgers, and I laughed aloud at how ridiculously slow the process was.

Finally, our food came and it actually reminded me of In-N-Out from my years of living in California.  I, like most people, love In-N-Out every once in awhile, so maybe this was set to be a good surprise. The hand cut fries are cooked in olive oil, and I really enjoyed them.  My burger was good at first bite, but definitely not a “light” burger like our friend had described.  With my second bite I noticed one of my patties was a little cold, and kinda grossed me out.  So, I only ate one patty.  The combination of my cheese, mushrooms, and carmalized onions made mine a grease ball, while Aaron’s was extremely dry.

Aaron said he liked Five Guys better, and I was left feeling disappointed about the cleanliness, the service, and the burger.




Good Stuff?: Not Really, unfortunately.


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